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How to plan a luxury destination wedding in Italy

31 January 2022

A wedding is a wonderful event that marks the beginning of a new life chapter. Putting one together takes a lot of planning and creativity, and choosing the right location is crucial. If you are considering a destination wedding in Italy, stick around to find out what your best options are.

You will need to take into consideration numerous things when you begin the wedding planning process. I am here to help you through this exciting period, starting with when is the best time to plan your special event. Your big day is special, and you need to ensure that everything is according to your preferences.

What ​is the best time for a wedding in Italy?

Italy is absolutely stunning at any time of year. However, when planning your big day here, you will need to check the weather first. Most couples opt for either Spring or Fall as these seasons are when the temperature is the most comfortable.

The country has a Mediterranean climate and experiences very hot summers and rainy winters. During May and September, the temperature is mild and ideal for a Lake Como wedding or an elegant countryside reception under the stars. The choice is all yours, just be sure to make your decision in good time.

If you do not mind the heat, having your Italy wedding by the beach is also a good option. With the waves crashing and the mild breeze blowing, you will have the ceremony of your dreams. You can enjoy the lush gardens and colorful flowers, too, if you opt for an outdoor wedding.

How to begin planning your destination wedding?

Whenever I take on a new task, the hardest part is the beginning. The same goes for wedding planning because once you figure out how to start it off, everything else goes smoothly. When organizing a destination wedding, the first thing you need to decide on is the location.

If you have set your heart on hosting an Italy wedding, the next step is to choose the venue and the date for your big day. As I mentioned in the previous part, the weather plays a big role in choosing the date. Planning ahead is key to having the nuptials you dream of.

A lot of venues get booked early, so make sure to get on this as soon as possible. You also need to complete your guest list because this plays a key role in determining how big the venue needs to be. Decide, too, whether you want an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, or if you want the entire wedding inside or outside, and so on.

Consider hiring a local wedding planner: they will definitely have the most insight into the best options for you. You will also need a wedding photographer to capture your special moments. You can look into some of my work, and I will gladly join you on your journey. Here are my advices on how to find the perfect photographer for you destination wedding in Italy.

Once you have decided on the main components of the planning process, you can proceed to choose the theme, the colors and create your invitations. For a destination wedding in Italy, you also need to think about flights and accommodation. No need to worry, though, because if you start on time and hire a wedding planner, you should be all set.

When would be the best time to begin wedding planning?

Once you get engaged, you’ll be experiencing a lot of excitement and joy. You want to revel in that moment for as long as you can. However, when is the best time to start your wedding planning after the engagement?

Allow yourself at least two to three weeks to enjoy the fact that you are about to embark on this journey called marriage. When things settle down and you feel emotionally ready, start working out the details of your big day. It is best to do so months prior to the actual date!

Most couples plan their destination wedding at least nine months in advance. This is important because you will need to book a lot of vendors. If you are looking for high-quality photographers, venues, and even florists, you’ll need to secure them in good time to avoid disappointment.

Numerous vendors have busy schedules, especially during the wedding season, so make sure to contact them as soon as possible. Once you set the date, pick up your phone to take the next step in making your destination wedding in Italy a reality. Your wedding planner will be able to help you with this, especially if you’re planning to get married in a different country.

What are the rules for foreigners?

Almost all foreigners have to satisfy some legal regulations in order to have their dream destination wedding. Depending on your home country, you will need to obtain appropriate permissions to get married. Usually, you will need to start collecting the documents a few months before the actual date.

This can also depend on whether you want a civil ceremony, a religious one, or both. You can also consult your wedding planner regarding this as they should have all the information you need. If you are not a fan of paperwork, you can always tie the knot in your country and celebrate in Italy afterwards.

Top locations for a destination wedding in Italy

Lake Como wedding

Lake Como is one of the most stunning lakes in the entire world. It is an ideal spot for romantic nuptials. Celebrate your big day with your loved ones surrounded by nature, scenic views and a one-of-a-kind landscape. Need more tips for your destination wedding in Lake Como? This blog post is for you.

Amalfi Wedding

Amalfi is a lovely coast in Italy overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is ideal for your luxury wedding day or relaxed coastal fete. If your dream wedding is going to happen in Amalfi, take a look at my guide.

Tuscany wedding

Tuscany is a charming region in Italy full of castles and incredible resorts. The spot is perfect for anyone who enjoys timeless beauty and unique historical allure.

Once you have decided the region, it’s time to book the location: here is a list of 10 of the best wedding venues in Italy.

Accommodation and experience

When planning your big day, you need to think about accommodation for you and your guests. Italy offers astonishing resorts and luxurious hotels, so you will have plenty to choose from. You and your nearest and dearest will have the most amazing experience of Italian hospitality and kindness.

These are my advices on how to plan an Italian wedding. Are you looking for someone to capture your destination wedding in Italy? Drop me a message and let’s start a conversation.


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