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How to find the perfect photographer for your destination wedding in Italy

20 January 2022

Weddings are truly magical events that require a lot of planning to pull off perfectly. Picking out vendors for your big day needs a lot of planning and decision-making. That being said, one of the most important vendors is your wedding photographer.

The moments that they capture will be the ones that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. These memories are truly priceless, and you will be able to hold them in your hands in 30, 40, or 50 years and remember your first dance or the kiss. There is nothing more valuable than preserving the images of your special day in a physical format.

Choosing a good photographer is crucial because you want to get high-quality content from them. Plus, you need to feel comfortable so that they can capture lovely and natural images. I will attempt to guide you through the process of choosing the right wedding photographer for you.

Photography style

Every photographer has a signature style that distinguishes them from the rest. Some prefer creating artistic pieces, whereas others capture shots using a documentary style. There are numerous ways your photographer can approach your session.

You need to ensure that the photographer’s style matches your personality and even the wedding theme. For example, if your wedding is a bit more creative and unique, it would be best to hire an artistic photographer. On the other hand, if you are having a modern ceremony with fashionable decor, you might want to hire a vendor that specializes in capturing contemporary images with an editorial touch.

The style is something that will truly reflect in pictures, so make sure to choose wisely. Some enjoy black and white photos, others prefer bright and airy, and some love vibrant pictures. Some couples choose a mixture of both, but that really depends on both you and your preferred professional.

The wedding venue and location will highly affect how your photos are going to turn out. Whether your ceremony is indoors or outdoors, during the day or at night, it all has an impact. You will need to think about all of the circumstances before deciding on a particular photography style.

I believe that each wedding is unique and different, which is why I enjoy incorporating different styles. I specialize in photojournalistic, documentary, and editorial photography, but I always like to add a touch of contemporary, too. There is definitely something that suits everyone’s personal preferences. Beauty intertwined with candid portrayal.

Destination wedding photographers

Getting married in a different country is a little more challenging than tying the knot at the local City Hall. As you may not be familiar with everything, the planning might require more research. If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer in Italy, I will gladly accompany you on your journey.

A good destination photographer will know all the best spots to capture the most magical photos. Whether you want an airy space with a lot of bright surrounding elements, or a romantic location with a lovely sunset, consult your photographer. They are likely to know all of the best places that will fit your personality and preferences.

Check their work

Before taking up an offer and booking a photographer, make sure to check out their work first. Do a lot of research and compare different artists to find the right one for your big event. You can even have several interviews with them to get a better idea of what working with them might look like.

As part of coming to a decision, look into their work and ensure that they are what you were looking for. Do not hesitate to ask for portfolios, reviews, and some of their most recent work. Check and see if their style fits with yours and if they can help you achieve the looks and pictures you desire to have.

Feel comfortable

You are going to spend many hours of the most important time of your life with a wedding photographer. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to feel comfortable with the person that you choose. Make sure that your experience will be pleasant and that everything captured on film represents who you are.

If your wedding photographer is a true professional and you feel at ease with them, it will be much easier to pose for your pictures. They will also manage to capture genuine moments and help you achieve natural-looking poses in the pictures. With the right person, you and your significant other can relax and leave everything to them.

I always make sure that my clients have the most enjoyable experience possible. This adds to the quality of the work and benefits both me and the couple.

Research packages

Most photographers offer various wedding packages to choose from. Some of these include extra filming hours, some include videos, so be sure to do plenty of research. Make the decision based on how much footage you think you need and how much time you can spend making it.

Different packages have different prices, so this might play a role as well. You may even find packages that offer a photographer and a videographer in one. There are also various album choices available, where you get to choose how many pictures you want to be included.

Sometimes a photography deal can include an engagement session as well. This is a great way to prepare for the big day and explore what feels most comfortable. You get to see how the photographer works, their delivery time frame, whether they offer a digital version of your photos, and so on.

Have a trial session

To avoid any stress on the actual wedding day, don’t be afraid to have a trial or pre-wedding photo session. Once you choose your vendor, communicate with them, be confident and try out some of the locations and poses that you believe might work on your wedding day. Explore the lighting and get ideas for the setting.

The test run might help you decide whether you want sunset pictures, black and white photos at the venue, and what kind of details you would like to capture.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your destination wedding in Italy, reach out to me, and we will work out your perfect style together!


photo credit: greg finck


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