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Why Italy is the perfect choice for destination weddings

16 April 2019

engagement in Positano
honeymoon portraits couple in front of colosseum Rome

Italy is a land full of history that offers a wide range of different natural landscapes, sea, mountains, lakes and hills and huge numbers of art heritage villages and cities. Aside from this, Italy is well-known for its mild climate, tasty food, and great wine. For this reason “Made In Italy” is synonymous of great quality, beauty, and good life!

Italy is a very popular destination for holidays but also for destination weddings.

The reason resides in the overwhelming offer that this long and thin peninsula can provide to a couple that decides to celebrate their marriage in Italy.

Planning an Italian destination wedding is the big dream of a many couples.

A view of the Cinque Terre area, Liguria

Reasons why Italy is the perfect location for destination weddings

Italy is a world-famous country which its peculiarities and characteristic. If you are deciding where you will celebrate your destination wedding, Italy is one of the best and most romantic locations.

If you are looking for strong reasons to choose Italy as your wedding location here is a list of what I think are the things which persuade you and think to take into account.

Italy offers you a lot of different landscape and areas

  • First of all you have to choose the right location and understand if it fits with your desires and needs. You have to decide if you want an Italian destination wedding in the countryside or near the sea or surrounded by the green hills or by the European highest mountain. If you haven’t had the fortune to visit Italy before the big decision, you should consider the most popular regions plus some “outsiders”. By now the most popular destinations are Tuscany, surrounded by green hills and covered by magic sunlight, Amalfi Coast, famous for his colors and for his smells, Como Lake with his exclusive villas or Sicily, land with extraordinary flavors and antique and multicultural history. You should consider as well other areas, maybe less “popular” but beautiful, however. I would suggest Umbria, a brand-new alternative to Tuscany, Liguria, especially in the romantic Cinque Terre area, or Puglia region, an amazing land that can offer wonderful seaside landscapes.
Positano and Amalfi coast, one of the most popular choice for destination weddings in Italy

Which is the beast time of the year in Italy?

  • The right time of the year: Italy has a mild climate and that is why a lot of couple decide to get married in our country. The best months for getting married are from April/May until September/October (even if in the last few years couples get married even in early November, especially in southern Italy). If you choose to tie the knot in the southern area of Italy I discourage to choose August as it might be too hot to enjoy the day! Italian couple usually get married during Saturday or Sunday so if you decide to get married in the weekend I highly recommend to plan everything far in advance (at least one year)
A typical sunny day in Tuscany, Italy’s mild climate is the best choice for your wedding

Do you love Italian food and wine?

  • Great food and good wine: when you say Italy a lot of people think about pizza and pasta, and it’s known throughout the world that Italian are gourmet people. Our country boasts a variety of really unique dishes in the world: really few places can compete with Italian food and wine, for quality and quantity of good meal! Our geographical position favors excellent wine production. The vine cultivation is present in almost every area of the country and this makes that a huge variety of red and white wines are produced every year, as well as prosecco.
You will fall in love with Italian food (especially pasta!)

Italian fashion: la moda italiana!

  • Italy is the land of fashion: With so many artistic influences its no coincidence that Italy is the land of high fashion. The most important stylist in the world, such as Valentino, Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabban, Prada or Gucci, was born here, as well as their creations. During your journey you will always notice some attention to styling, especially by women.
engagement in Positano

An Italian Honeymoon: the Grand Tour

  • And finally, the honeymoon! There are so many places to visit, food to taste, things to do in Italy that an entire life won’t be enough! The majority of the brides and grooms choose Italy as their destination wedding location so that they can spend their honeymoon traveling through the Italian peninsula. The advantage of a destination wedding is that you don’t have to take a flight to start your honeymoon and the wedding celebration is also the beginning of your honeymoon!
I am pretty sure that you won’t miss a visit Venice during your honeymoon in Italy!

If you are celebrating your wedding in Italy and you are planning a tour along the Italian peninsula I suggest you to visit the Eternal City, Rome, to enjoy its ,Its Roman ruins, the Colosseo, the “Fori Imperiali”, but also Vatican City with its Saint Peter Cathedral, taste a glass of great Italian wine staring at the sunset in the Pincio Terrace. Then I suggest traveling to Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. In Florence you must visit the Cathedral and Baptistery, looking to a very romantic sunset in the Piazzale Michelangelo and take an aperitif along the shores of the Arno river. To conclude your honeymoon you can spend some days in Venice, the romantic and unique city on the sea. If you want to travel southerly you can visit Naples and its alleys, Positano or Sicily, a land rich of multicultural influences and unique flavours.

Have you already thought about the photographer?

Have you already booked your destination wedding in Italy? if you are looking for a photographer drop me a line, I would really love to know more about your plans!

There are some elements to consider before booking the right photographer for your wedding, have you already had a look at my article about choosing the perfect destination wedding photographer?


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