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These poses will make you look fantastic in your wedding photos

20 April 2022

Wedding photos are the best memento one can have as they instantly take you back to that special day in your life. For that very reason, the pressure of capturing the best poses for the wedding photos can be such a heavy burden for brides and grooms. You have already done so much preparation to make your dream wedding day come true – now you have to think about that aspect as well? You don’t need to worry because I got you covered! Below are some poses for wedding photos that will make even the most camera-shy bride or groom look and feel spectacular!

Tips When Posing on your wedding day

Before exploring all poses that you can use seamlessly, let’s first look at some things that you need to consider for your shoot to go smoothly.

Keep it natural

Trust me, any discomfort you’re feeling that day will eventually show in your photos, so don’t force it on anything. You don’t have to get over-analytical with how you present yourself in front of the camera. The trick to a great pose is to hardly pose at all! Keep it as natural as possible and let your authenticity take the spotlight. 


Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to achieve the poses. The tendency is that couples can get a bit too stiff on camera, and their bodies look less flattering. Don’t know where to put your arms? Just relax and make sure you don’t press them against your body.

Create an angle

Standing straight with your arms just hanging at your side is not so photogenic. It’s best to create angles to accentuate your body’s figure. I recommend simply putting your weight on one foot or shifting one leg forward for a slimming effect.

Avoid double chins

Don’t know how to get rid of those dreaded double chins in photos? Even your side profile is incredible when you relax your shoulders and position your head just slightly forward.

Less is more

Makeup is excellent when it highlights your best natural beauty, so don’t use much of it. Keep your makeup natural, accentuating your natural complexion and features. You wouldn’t want to see your photos and not recognize yourself. In addition, too much makeup can even make your eyes look small. 

Wear comfortable outfits

A bridal dress and a tuxedo may not be your lounge clothes but make sure that they are comfortable for you to wear for the entire event. Uncomfortable clothes will make couples uneasy throughout the day, which wouldn’t result in beautiful photos. 

Add uplights

It’s tricky to balance the shadow in an indoor setting, so having uplights will do the trick. Not only will this add a fantastic effect to your venue, but it’s also excellent for photos! 

Speak up

It is essential to be very vocal with your photographer regarding the things you prefer or are uncomfortable about. Maybe you feel more beautiful on a particular side of your face, or perhaps you feel insecure about some of your body parts. By being transparent to your photographer, you can have a flawless experience and a better result.

Be in the moment

How often do you hear photographers say to couples, “Pretend we’re not here” while gently guiding them for the best poses for wedding photos? A lot. This is because we prefer to encapsulate such genuine moments in the most splendid way possible. That way, you can have a genuine photo journal of your big day to reminisce. 

13 Poses for Wedding Photos of Brides and Grooms

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, but every couple wants to have photos of their wedding days to look back to. That being said, below are some easy poses for wedding photos that will make you look fantastic.

Close-eyed kissing

Kiss naturally. I understand it’s weird to get reminded about how to do this properly, but couples tend to get nervous and kiss with their eyes open. Make sure to tilt your head so as not to squish your partner’s nose. You’ll feel it if you are. 

Appreciating the dress

As a bride, wearing the perfect dress on your special day is a highlight. Give yourself some time to admire it before putting it on and photograph that moment. It is a great way to emphasize your dress! 

Flex your Crowning glory

Have a 360 degree-view of your bridal style, most especially your hairstyle. Let your crowning glory have a moment and shine!

Hold your bouquet

One of the most natural props for your wedding portrait is your bouquet. Keep your arms relaxed, curved away from the body, and elongated while placing your lovely florals near your belly button to make it more incredible.

Tying the bow tie

Grooms get ready faster, but most of their preparation moments are the best to capture. From tying the tie, lacing shoes, buttoning their suit jacket, and wearing their watch, these key moments give an excellent opportunity to have some portraits in a natural and relaxed setting.

The first look

Create a genuine moment by focusing on your partner and letting everything unfold during your first look. Your photographer will capture every detail along the way. Don’t worry about anything and share an intimate romantic time.

Twirl the dress

Let your bridal dress come to life with twirling. Giving such movement will make it look lovelier than it already is. The final photograph will indeed look so captivating. 

The wind-blown veil

Another gorgeous creative pose for the bride to highlight her bridal look with the veil. No need for a windy day to have one as this can be done. With the photographer’s proper assistance and perfect timing, you can have a wind-blown look. You can also include your groom in the shot by sharing a kiss as the veil falls for a more enchanting portrait.

Laugh candidly

Remember the joy of your wedding day with candid laughter caught in photographs. Sharing a joke or maybe a funny memory during prep time or portraits will do the trick!

The Forehead Kiss

This adorable and endearing pose is one of the most photogenic kisses to capture during the bride and groom’s portrait photo sessions. That soft peck on the forehead will surely capture the love on that day.

The Stroll

Walking gives a natural movement to photos. Make sure to slow it down and interact with each other for a better look.

Hitch up your skirt

During the stroll, make it more authentic by hitching up your skirt or the bottom part of the dress. It will look more natural and create flattering lines with the arms.

The Subtle Glance

This stunning pose seems simple, yet one of the most favorite for photographers like me. That subtle glance at the camera throughout the day helps capture what you feel in photos.

I hope you liked my selection! Those are some of the easiest yet most astounding poses in wedding photos that you can do and ask your photographer to capture. Need more advices for your wedding day? Head over to the journal to find other posts with helpful tips for your special day!


photo credit: greg finck


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