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10 must-have pictures of your wedding day

23 March 2022

Getting married is one of life’s special moments, and your wedding is an event you will want to capture in photos so that you can relive the day time and time again. You may not want to have every second documented in pictures, so, it’s a good idea to discover what poses and moments will be non-negotiable to complete your chapter. Naturally, your photographer will take both candid and natural photos in addition to the list you have provided. However, it is still advisable to have a wedding shot list in which you will list all the photographic moments that are important to you the most. That being said, I highly recommend adding these ten must-have photos to yourlist because they are truly meaningful and will narrate your story seamlessly. You can go over them and decide which speaks to your heart the most.

Bride & Groom Getting Ready

When it comes to writing the first chapter and telling the story of your big day, this is the moment that captures and sets the mood from the beginning – including the anticipation and overwhelming joy you’re feeling. All of the emotional and candid moments you will share with your loved ones as you prepare for the best moment of your life are simply priceless. Instead of static wedding poses, you will have images of the two of you getting ready with mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. These special moments will be wonderful to look back on. Another excellent reason for you to add this to your wedding shot list is to give you the opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera while getting ready for your special moment.

Wedding Party Having Fun

Your wedding party plays a vital role in your celebration, and you will want to commemorate their part in your day with photos of them having fun. These photos of your favorite people in their most natural state will be more authentic and memorable. Your party can laugh candidly, chat naturally, and even do silly wedding poses – whichever feels most natural for them. Letting them show their personality will make it more meaningful and even elicit laughter years after the big day! Whenever you look back on these images, your heart will be filled with so much joy.

Details Shot

Weddings require a lot of planning. From your charming lush garden ceremony to your stunning alfresco reception, you’ve given so much thought to everything, so naturally, all of your wedding elements deserve their spotlight. All the intricate details you’ve added – decors, dresses, shoes, veil, and even your food; have a story behind them that deserves to be acknowledged. Having photos of those details means that you can admire your chosen style years later – everything passes in a heartbeat so you would want to have it all beautifully portrayed. These carefully selected photos will help you tell the story of your wedding day!

Brides and Bridesmaids

No wedding shot list is complete without photos of the bride and her bridesmaids. Besides the classic group shot, having your bridesmaids try a variety of wedding poses will make for some fun photos. Prepare matching robes or pajama sets that they can wear for those relaxing pre-wedding moments. Add an obligatory champagne pop on the morning of your wedding for that added celebratory moment that everyone can share. You can also prepare a surprise by gathering them together and showing your finished bridal look. The priceless looks on their faces will be memorialized forever in a photo. Don’t forget to set some time to have a photo with each of your bridesmaids because they are the people that matter to you the most. Looking back on these images will forever bring a smile to your face.

First Look

Intimate, genuine, and precious – these are just a few of the reasons couples choose to have a ‘first look’ photoshoot. Seeing each other for the first time in such a private setting is an emotional experience. The grander your wedding, the more likely it is that you’ll have hundreds of people attending it, and having that extra private time together before the ceremony is a priceless moment to capture. Not only that but including your first look on your wedding shot list will help take the edge off your wedding jitters as it can be nerve-wracking to focus only on each other when there are a lot of eyes looking at you. 

Bride Walking Down The Aisle

Every bride’s dream is to experience the moment of walking down the aisle surrounded by family and friends with the man of her dreams waiting at the altar. It is a heartwarming moment to witness and is worth remembering through photographs. Trust me, these will be the photos that you will constantly revisit. To add to the emotion and elevate the atmosphere, I suggest having an unplugged ceremony so that you can see your guest’s happy faces and not a sea of phones and cameras.

Formal Family Portraits

Usually, formal family portraits are portrayed at the venue. You can also be creative – as long as it is workable and is within the timeline, your formal family portraits can even be done in another location of your choice. Also, you know your family dynamics better, whatever completes your story seamlessly! These photos are meaningful as they show all the members together. Having a memento of those moments is truly something priceless.

Couple Portraits During Golden Hour

Just a few hours before sunset, the sky will be illuminated with a stunning ethereal look, dedicating the golden hour to some dreamy married couple portraits. This is an opportunity to spend some intimate time with your beloved, away from the crowd, and have that private moment as a married couple captured on film.


During this time, you can listen to the different speeches of the people closest to the couple. Hence, it is filled with various emotions that you will want to remember. Each speaker will either have a happy, emotional, embarrassing, or even a funny story to share, so having all the reactions documented will give you nothing but pure joy, love, laughter, and great memories!

Cutting Of The Cake

It is tradition for the couple to cut the cake during their reception. Naturally, this is an essential part of the wedding shot list that will ensure this tradition doesn’t get neglected amidst the dancing and celebration happening at the reception. This age-old ritual can be done elegantly or turn into an entertaining affair, depending on the couple’s preferences.

This wedding shot list includes the most requested photos for couples. Do you have a picture that is a must-have for you and it’s not on the list? Contact me so we can include it!


photo credit: greg finck


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