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Luxury Wedding in Lake Como: The Complete Guide

5 April 2022

Lake Como has a natural romantic charm that makes for a luxurious celebration. The breathtaking scenery it offers attracts thousands of engaged pairs every year to have their wedding in Lake Como. This magical Italian location is one of the top wedding destinations in the world! No matter how dramatic the setting is, planning it shouldn’t be that overwhelming. I’ve created a complete guide to give you the best experience for your destination wedding in Lake Como.

Where is located Lake Como?

The third-largest lake in Italy is nestled in the North of the country near Milan and the Swiss border. Its geographical setting provides a wonderful landscape that makes it stand out even more. Not to mention the vast number of elegant villas located around the lake where you can have your exclusive and luxurious celebration.

How to reach Lake Como?

You will not have any problem reaching this beautiful location. Its proximity to Malpensa International Airport is convenient at just an hour’s drive away. In addition, the presence of rental car companies in their terminal makes it even more advantageous.

Why Lake Como?

Besides the majestic views, glamorous hotels, legendary villas, and mild climate, there are many more reasons couples choose to have their wedding in Lake Como. The gastronomic delight of tasty Italian food is one of the top reasons many foreigners come to this place – the perfect mix of the traditional cuisine of fishermen with farmers is just irresistible. You should try Missoltini, a specialty dish from Lake Como. An activity you shouldn’t miss out on here is the Riva motorboat trip, which is an unforgettable water experience, or simply drive through a vintage car or Vespa through all the colorful little towns dotted along the lake.

When should one have a Destination wedding in Lake Como?

The weather in Lake Como is typically perfect year-round. It is indeed suitable for weddings. Although, I highly suggest planning your celebration from March or April to October or November for a milder climate. As for the best season – a spring wedding is an ideal time to enjoy the outdoor allure of this location.

Best venues for a Luxury Wedding in Lake Como

Overflowing with elegance, Lake Como has some of the best venues in Italy for you to tie the knot. Each villa or hotel can provide everything you want for your wedding day!

Wedding in Villa Balbiano

This romantic villa has a romantic garden filled with flowers that will add a vibrant touch to your celebration. The unique ambiance of Villa Balbiano will allow you to enjoy the perfect combination of art, history, and culture.

Villa Pliniana Wedding

Villa Pliniana is one of the largest and oldest villas on the lake, giving it a vintage charm and air of sophistication. This estate has beautiful architecture, thick vegetation, and an admirable view of the lake. If you want to upscale your celebration, this villa will do that.

Destination Wedding in Villa Sola Cabiati

This lavish property will instantly turn your wedding into an exclusive picture-perfect occasion. Villa Sola Cabiati is a luxurious venue with authentic 16th-century Italian architecture that emits a romantic feeling.

Wedding in Villa d’Este

The interior is furnished with antiques, vintage artifacts, and large windows. While the exterior of the property is home to exquisite gardens that used to be a playground for the royals. The Hotel Villa D’Este is one of the world’s most established luxury hotels. 

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Located in the center of Lake Como, Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers incomparable scenery for your wedding. At this five-star hotel, you can experience an authentic Italian celebration. The natural terraces on their grounds as well as a fascinating outdoor garden make this hotel a dreamy location for your wedding.

Wedding at Il Sereno, Como Lake

This chic hotel doesn’t just bring a unique modern vibe, it shows that despite its relatively small size, it is grand enough to accommodate your elegant, intimate wedding in Lake Como. Not only that, it has a covered pool decking area, a full-service spa, and an in-house Michelin-starred restaurant.

Tips When Planning a Destination Wedding in Lake Como

You can turn your dream wedding in Lake Como into a reality! I recommend considering the tips below to make the planning a lot easier:

Hire a Lake Como Wedding Planner

Have someone coordinate on your behalf with the different wedding vendors so that you can focus on the essential things. Having a planner doesn’t mean you won’t have any say in choosing your caterer, florists, photographer, videographer, etc. The final say will still be up to you. It takes a lot of the stress away by having someone be on top of everything! 

Plan a 3-Days-Event

Instead of a wedding day, why not have a weekend wedding? Make the most out of your plane ticket and accommodation by turning your celebration into a mini-vacation for you and your loved ones. Considering all the fun activities available in Lake Como, you need to spend more than just a day here.

Choose the right wedding photographer

Of course you are going to hire a photographer to document one of the most important day of your life. These photos will help you relive your wedding day decades later. Not forgetting how gorgeous your setting is, the right wedding photographer will be able to capture the event at its best. Most couples who have a destination wedding in Lake Como prefer to hire someone who knows the wedding venue and Lake Como in general.

Are you planning a luxurious wedding in Lake Como? If you are looking for more advices on how to choose the perfect wedding photographer you can have a look at this guide. And if your hearts are already set on me drop me a message and let’s start a conversation. 


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Having rightfully merited its cult status as one of Italy's most exclusive wedding destinations on the globe, Lake Como is the ultimate luxury wedding experience. Discover all you need to know about your Lake Como wedding photography.  

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